Accessibility characteristics 

What is an access key

An access key is a keyboard combination that allows you to move to specific parts of a page or navigate to a specific page of a site. A thorough discussion of access key , and their behavior is available in W3C accessibility guidelines .

Access key

X - go to the main content of the page
A - opens the page on accessibility features (this page)
Q - opens the page with answers to frequently asked questions
H - back to the homepage
O - logs out from application

Use of access key

Microsoft Windows

Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7 and 8
Simultaneously press Alt and the access key to move to the link and press Enter

Simultaneously press the Alt, Shift and the access key

Simultaneously press the Shift and Esc, then press the access key

Apple Mac

Firefox, Mozilla, Safari
Simultaneously press ctrl and the access key